For Tears of the Kingdom, the Champion’s Tunic.

You'll notice that there are two maps: one for Hyrule Castle’s exterior and one for Hyrule Castle’s interior.

The Royal Guard Boots can be found in the Library in Hyrule Castle. .

The Climbing Gear chest piece is the easiest to get to, as it appears in the North Hyrule Plains Cave in the Hyrule Ridge region, just west of Hyrule Castle and.


Prior to the second Great Calamity, it was the government seat of Hyrule Kingdom, ruled under King Rhoam. . .


You can find the Glide Shirt on Courage Island at the coordinates (-2400, 0824, 0615), which is a sky island northwest of the Central Hyrule Sky. Grab another Royal Guard’s Bow directly above the mantlepiece, and exit Zelda’s room through the door. May 18, 2022 · The Sheikah's Guardians didn't just fail in the second fight against Calamity Ganon, they were commandeered, turning the kingdom's greatest defense into the cause of its destruction.

This dignified uniform for Hyrule's Royal Guard. .

Hop down from the platform where the shrine is, and turn.


. You can find the Yiga Mask in an unnamed Yiga Clan shack at the coordinates (-0800, -2255, 0087), located northwest of.

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It’s a tunic worn by Hyrule royalty, according to the item’s description.
Once inside the treasure room, open the chest to obtain the Frostbite Headdress and complete the set.



. Welcome to Zelda Breath of the Wild Part 82! We check out the Ancient Armor Set, the BOTW Zelda Amiibo and explore the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins!More #ZeldaBO. .

It's made of lightweight materials and is both stylish and practical. . . . .

Enter the Castle Premises.

A Royal Guard Uniform has a base defense of 4, and was released as a part of the second DLC expansion for the game: 'The Champions' Ballad'. Click to Enlarge.



Jun 30, 2017 · This is a full armor set made up of three parts, and each is found in a different location in the general Hyrule Field / Central Hyrule area.

The Calamity has been thwarted, and the people of Hyrule are in the process of rebuilding their kingdom.

"Royal Guard" Armor Set.