Higher classification accuracy indicates stronger congruence between MAP and Smarter Balanced scores.

The scaled scored, which is the student’s overall numerical score, reveals a student’s current achievement level, as well.

Smarter Balanced assessments receive their SBAC score results in two ways: Scaled scores and Achievement levels. In addition to adhering to the AERA et al.

The reports linked from this page contain test results for Oregon public school students, aggregated (grouped) to school, district, and state levels.

Lexile Measures.

. DOE peer review process for ESEA assessments. View Test Results.


The Connecticut Summative Assessment system includes the following assessments: The Connecticut Smarter Balanced Assessment for students in Grades 3 through 8. The assessments are aligned with the Nevada. .

. Help teachers, schools, and districts identify which students need more support.

Grade-level mean SBAC ELA scores fall between the 65th to 75th percentile.


Search / Compare Results. Smarter Balanced English/Language Arts and Math (SBA) Assessment Window March 6 to June 9.

It is based on a student's Smarter Balanced ELA score. It is based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics and has three components designed to.

92 across content areas, as shown in Figure E.
Students who scored below the score corresponding to the 20th percentile on the SBA test for the given grade were classified as at-risk and students who scored at or above the score corresponding to the 20th percentile were.
50% Standard Exceeded (LEVEL 4) Mathematics.

To view a sample score report, please choose one from the list below: Smarter Balanced Sample Score Reports.


The subjects and grades reported here include English language arts (ELA) and mathematics in grades 3 through 8 and 11, and science in grades 5, 8, and 11. . .

. Sep 9, 2019 · Test scores: See how your school and district did. 33% Standard Not Met (LEVEL 1) 22. More specifically, the SBAC creates tests that align with the Common Core State Standards. In addition to adhering to the AERA et al.

Percentile: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 10: 15: 20: 25: 30: 35: 40: 45: 50: 55: 60: 65: 70: 75: 80: 85: 90: 95:.

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DOE peer review process for ESEA assessments.

English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments.

High School Sample.