EERIE photos discovered on a camera belonging to two missing hikers revealed their mysterious final moments before both girls vanished in the jungle in Panama.

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3 hours ago · The USGS said the quake was centered about 25 miles northeast of Puerto Obaldia, Panama.

The families of Kris and Lisanne traveled to Panama. Oct 31, 2022 · Lost In Panama: Coming October 31, 2022. The pair had been hiking around the jungle for two weeks as part of a backpacking trip - and they were planning to stay for another four weeks with their host family.

The GPS coordinates of the site where the denim shorts were discovered was: Latitude : 8. .

Nov 4, 2020 · Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon Night Photo Analysis.


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Dec 5, 2022 · Lost In Panama: Coming October 31, 2022. In 2014, Dutch friends Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers disappeared.

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What happened to Kris and Lisanne?. . 408389.

. Seig Lu. 4. Reaching Panama, they headed for the town of Boquete and was being hosted by a family. com. The families of Kris and Lisanne traveled to Panama.

May 15, 2022 · The students from Amersfoort in the Netherlands had spent six months planning their dream trip to Panama, hoping to spend some time backpacking, volunteering and learning Spanish.

When placed on a map, you can see that Kris’s shorts were found approximately 5 Kilometers from where Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were. Two months later, investigators found their remains, as well as a backpack with a digital camera filled with photos that hinted at a darker story.

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Journalist Mariana Atencio traveled to Boquete, Panama, to reinvestigate the deaths of two Dutch women who visited the area in 2014.


Mar 9, 2018 · In March 2014, two Dutch women named Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon went to Panama for a vacation.

Her body was later found in a dumpster.