Lock your token or liquidity tokens to protect or gain trust from your community.

Liquidity is the first thing that your investors check for and anything which stands out might make them uncomfortable.

Locker. If the token is only traded on a couple of decentralized exchanges (dex), it is almost certainly a scam.


Please check your wallet network.

In this video we write a script to check if liqudity token are beeing locked on unicryptCodeWithJoe Offical SocialMedia Profiles:Github: https://github. . uncx.

Your all-in-one solution: Compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart.

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. From what I know, "locking" liquidity is when the Dev adds a "Time lock" to the contract but this is done when deploying a contract to allow Liquidity.

New lock.

If the Uniswap pair you are trading does not use liquidity locking and is not listed on any centralized exchanges, you are always faced with the direct risk of the.

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Free token analyzer [BSC - ETH - POLY - FTM - DC]. The team might have announced the liquidity lock there.

Nov 17, 2021 · Low liquidity means that it is difficult to convert the token to cash, which may be because the developer had a limited amount of funds to create the token.
Lock your tokens or liquidity tokens in a few simple steps with Team Finance.

⚠️ Staking contract ownership not renounced.

Liquidity Locks.

Honeypot Check Passed. . .

. Thread 1/3 Check #26777 Etherisc DIP Token $DIP 0xc719d010B63E5bbF2C0551872CD5316ED26AcD83 Uniswap V2 Liquidity Pairs: 0xDE68AD8502874A7d5Dd1758F7B0A7831F142b78A = 19. . DeFi Overview Chains Airdrops Treasuries NEW Oracles Forks Top Protocols Comparison Protocol Expenses NEW Token Usage Categories Recent. Use the account that DEPOSITED the liquidity for your token onto uniswap.

Let's dive into the hard skill of "checking locked liquidty".

. And the second product: Mudra Locker - the most affordable liquidity locker for BSC.

Arbitrum Testnet.

Check for lp of a coin, liquidity pools and to know of the pool is locked.

Most likely lock it for 77 years.


Apr 11, 2021 · In short it lists the following 5 events: 1.